About Me

About Me

Blank journals, flowing music, figurative language and star-gazing make my heart sing. (Also, guacamole and chocolate…just not in the same bite!) I call the midwest my home, and one day dream of mountain views. I live with my husband and son, where our days are filled with hide-and-seek, exploring nature and balancing the work-and-school-at-home life. On the rare occasion my nose isn’t in a book, my eyes scan the skies for butterflies, rainbows, and beauty in the everyday. 

It’s my own health journey that brought me to coaching. I’m no stranger to the host of frustrating and oftentimes misunderstood symptoms that come with thyroid issues and know firsthand the cost of burnout from unmanaged stress.  After struggles with environmental illness, I became an affiliate member of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) a community of medical and environmental professionals focused on education, practice and research within Lyme, co-infections and mold illness.

Professionally, I have 15 years experience in the realms of education, communication and organizational development. I first learned of the powerful connection between the mind and body during my years as a classroom teacher and remain deeply curious about the interplay between our brains, nervous systems and emotions. My time teaching in the virtual learning environment showed me that meaningful connection, insight and growth are not limited to in-person communication. In addition, I have enjoyed partnering with integrative health professionals over the past few years to create content that educates and empowers their audiences.

All these experiences deepen my understanding and approach as a coach. Working one-on-one with clients to celebrate their strengths is dear to my heart. Whether you’re looking to start a new journey toward health or simply wanting an ally for the path you’re already on, it’s an honor to partner with you to take small steps to deeper health and wellness. Use the form below to ask a question or to setup a no-cost discovery call.

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“…Mind and body are inseparable and illness and health cannot be understood in isolation from life histories, social context, and emotional patterns of human beings…Our relationships help shape our physiology.”

-Gabor Maté, M.D., When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection

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