About Me

About Me

Amy Hadden, Safe and Sound Protocol and Nervous System Coach for adults, teens, kids, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, CIRS, mold toxicity, mycotoxin illness, biotoxin illness, MCAS, chronic fatigue with positive psychology and functional medicine coaching approach

Hi, I’m Amy

I help clients address stress, cultivate wellness and create a life they love.

Reduce Stress + Enhance Resilience

I’m trained to deliver Dr. Stephen Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocolâ„¢ to clients online. It is a non-invasive intervention based on his Polyvagal theory. During sessions, clients use an app on their phones to listen to filtered music. SSP acts as an auditory vagal nerve stimulator. By creating a sense of safety in the body, clients are better able to regulate their own nervous systems. I am able to offer SSP to adults, teen and child populations.

Why I’m a Coach

It’s my own health journey that brought me to coaching. I’m no stranger to the host of frustrating and oftentimes misunderstood symptoms that come with thyroid issues, and I know firsthand the cost of burnout from unmanaged stress. After struggles with environmental illness, I became an allied member of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEA), a community of medical professionals focused on education, practice and research for Lyme, co-infections and mold illness.

An Educator and Team Player
I’m a coach and an educator. My 15 years teaching and leading in public, private and nontraditional classroom settings has given me insight into what the body and brain need in order to learn and thrive. I have special interest and experience in supporting families with students that display sensory processing issues and challenging behaviors.

Your Journey

Working one-one-one with clients to celebrate their strengths is dear to my heart. Whether you’re looking to start a new journey toward health or wanting extra support for the path you’re already on, it’s an honor to partner with you to take small steps to deeper health and wellness.

I offer both coaching on its own as well as in conjunction with the Safe and Sound Protocol with nervous system support and education.

Let’s chat

Message me for a freeDiscovery Call. Ask any questions you have about the services I offer, and hear a bit about how I work with clients. Start with a free call

“…Mind and body are inseparable and illness and health cannot be understood in isolation from life histories, social context, and emotional patterns of human beings…Our relationships help shape our physiology.”

-Gabor Maté, M.D., When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection

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