Supporting Self-Regulation in Children, Teens, and Ourselves


Upcoming Dates: TBD



Your toddler hits their sibling
Your high schooler storms off

Chore lists have become battle zones
Your tween’s mood swings have everyone exhausted

At dinner time everyone is crying
At bedtime massive meltdowns hit

And all you just want to clock out

How do we support our kids in learning
to care for their fluctuating emotions? 

And, how do we do that for ourselves?

  • Do you want more support in knowing how to help your child regulate their emotions?

  • Do you want tools to know how to regulate your own emotions as a parent when the going gets tough?

  • Recent neuroscience and parenting research has shown us that knowing how to regulate our emotions is not actually that difficult once we know a few simple tools. It has also been shown that these tools are foundational for setting our children up for a lifetime of meaningful and rewarding connections – including with us as their folks! – and with knowledge of how to protect themselves in settings where they need to hold boundaries and advocate for the support they need to take care of themselves.

  • Whether your child is a toddler, in grade school, or heading off to college, join me as we explore how to practice and impart tools of self-awareness and self-regulation with the ones we love.

During these 90 minutes, you’re invited to:

  • Discover the 3 main autonomic nervous system pathways that influence behavior
  • Explore your own stress physiology in fight, flight, freeze as a reaction to your child/teen
  • Consider self-regulation and co-regulation strategies
  • Reframe disruptive actions and attitudes as protective, adaptive defenses through the process of neuroception


How to Register

Please email [email protected] or use the form below indicating the date you’d like to attend. You’ll then receive directions on payment. Once payment is received, I will email the Zoom link.


Payment is per household and covers up to 2 primary caregivers. This group workshop’s fee uses a sliding scale structure. Please offer payment at the highest level available to you. 

$50 Standard

$37 Tier 1 Support

$25 Tier 2 Support 

You are welcome to have your camera on or off for this time together. Please mute your mic when we begin. During the last segment of our session,  you’ll be invited to engage in a Q & A portion.

This workshop is hosted by Amy Hadden, NBC-HWC, FMCHC. Amy is a licensed educator, writer, and board certified wellness coach. Her writing has appeared in Psychology Today with the Polyvagal Institute and the Embody Lab. It’s her honor to support clients of all ages through trauma-informed and strengths-based coaching, somatic support, and the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Please note, this workshop is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical care or mental health support.