Life's Curveballs are Written in Our Bodies

Life's Curveballs are Written in Our Bodies

Stories can be surprising—especially our own.

One day it’s smooth sailing.

Next, a plot-twist leaves us disoriented, distraught, disgruntled, disengaged.

Life’s curveballs are written in our bodies, too.

Fight-flight-freeze responses meant to protect leave us frustrated, confused.

I’ve been there.

  • Frustrating symptoms
  • Chronic stress. Burnout.
  • Old-me versus now-me comparison
  • Parenting challenges that leave your head spinning

Clients tell similar stories. Here’s what I’ve found.

Gentleness and self-compassion are trustworthy guides.

Understanding our stress physiology dismantles shame.

Our unique strengths are a sturdy foundation to build our tomorrows.

Our bodies are wise—and so often not the problem, but rather the answer.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and somatic coaching can support nervous system flexibility and enhance resilience.

For some the SSP translates to positive effects on pain, attention, environmental sensitivities or overall sense of stress. For others, it might look like greater ability to handle transitions in a classroom, a gentler relationship with food or more pronounced gains from other support modalities.

I often support families seeing disruptive or challenging behavior and clients with chronic or complex health issues (Lyme, CIRS, Long COVID, MCAS and others).