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find (v): to discover by search or experiment

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Hi there! I’m Amy.   : )

I help women befriend their bodies and biology to find deep health. My approach blends strengths-based coaching with the science of self-compassion, flourishing and the mind + body connection.  

Amy Hadden Health Coach

My certification is from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy whose training is offered in partnership with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Additionally, I’m in the process of obtaining the gold standard for health coaches: the National Board Certification credential (NBC-HWC), offered in collaboration with the National Board of Medical Examiners. Currently, I’m pursuing a specialization in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

As your coach, I’m your partner as you climb mountains of wellness. You plan the trek. You take the steps. I help you navigate obstacles, watch your footing, and remind you of your tools for the journey. I’m not the track coach with the whistle yelling at you to run faster or the teacher giving you a health report card. I’m your ally in taking small steps to deep health.

I get to help you unlock motivation, to dream, and to ask “What if?” My favorite thing is celebrating those unique strengths of yours. I believe the beautiful traits at the core of who you are form the bridge you cross to get from a ho-hum here, to a heart-singing there.


What would it feel like to find health that makes your heart sing?

My Story

Once upon a time I was a teacher, and my students taught me the connection between the body and mind.

Then, I was a wear-all-the-hats entrepreneur, and the stress made a lasting impact on my very being. Somewhere in there, I became a functional medicine cheerleader, reading all I could about holistic health. Next, I clung to each word as I fought to find answers to mysterious symptoms that left me with a shadow life.

Finally, I began to find deeper health by embracing self-compassion over self-criticism, listening to my body to create the gentle rhythms it and my soul crave.

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