Safe and Sound Protocol Video Library

Safe and Sound Protocol Video Library

The Safe and Sound Protocol helps regulate the body’s stress response through sound while building connection, trust and a safe environment.

Safe Sound Protocol Testimonials

Science of the Safe and Sound Protocol

As Dr. Porges describes it, the 5-hour SSP Core program provides the “neural platform for neuroplasticity” and better access to executive and cognitive functions. While originally SSP was delivered over 5 consecutive days, a “less is more” approach is now the golden rule.
Every nervous system tells a different story. While there are no guarantees to specific outcomes, users have reported a variety of positive features related to a more regulated nervous system.
A scientific look at SSP. The delivery method has now evolved to feature an app on your smart phone with over-the-ear headphones. It is delivered at a pace that best fits your individual nervous system’s needs.

Polyvagal Theory: How the Autonomic Nervous System Works

Polyvagal Theory, or the “science of feeling safe,” is one of the key research advancements that helps us better understand our challenges and gives us a foundational framework for non-invasive ways to support them. The SSP is based upon Polyvagal Theory.
An engaging and light-hearted look at Polyvagal Theory, presented by Dr. Porges’ son.

Case studies and research featuring the Safe and Sound Protocol can be found at Integrative Listening Systems (iLs).